The Don Welden Award

The Don Welden Award is $2000 presented to the performer who personifies the Western Values of the Calgary Stampede and demonstrates the attributes of an Ambassador for Stampede Talent Search.

Don Welden was a Calgary Stampede staff member who had the vision to develop youth talent. In his honour, this award is selected by the Stampede Talent Search Committee and presented to the performer who exhibits traits of Western Hospitality, Commitment to Community, Integrity and Professional Conduct.

The Committee bases their selection on observations and interactions with performers starting with auditions and through the contestant meeting, rehearsals, show day and showcase performances (where applicable). The Don Welden Award is presented on Finals night.

This cash prize enables the Calgary Stampede and the Stampede Talent Search Committee to support a performer to continue their performing arts education and their hopes of becoming a world class artist.

Our sincere appreciation to Carolyn and Barb Welden for their ongoing financial support of the Award to honour their father.

Don Welden Award Western Value Characteristics

Western Hospitality

  • Demonstrates care & concern for others
  • Brings people together
  • Sharing so that others can benefit
  • Ensuring others are treated with dignity & respect
  • Is welcoming

Commitment to Community

  • Participates with a good attitude & gets involved in Showcase if their act is appicable
  • Is prideful of the Calgary Stampede & all it offers to our city and country


  • Acting with personal & professional integrity
  • Serving as a role model who others identify with
  • Serves as a mentor
  • Being true to oneself & one’s values
  • Taking responsiblity
  • Follows through to the end of every commitment

Professional Conduct

  • Arrives on time for all commitments
  • Is prepared for performance
  • Is presentable & appears professional
  • Is respectful to technical personnel, the band & committee volunteers
  • Speaks positively & professionally at all times to others & the media
  • Is willing to assist if asked