*Rules subject to change.

Act exceptions

Any act that could be dangerous to performers, support staff or the audience such as Baton twirlers or similar acts using batons, machetes, knives, etc will not be accepted.

Act time restrictions

Auditions: All LIVE audition performances will be limited to 90 seconds in length. Acts may select a portion of their entire act to audition with. For VIDEO audition entries, only the first 90 seconds of your video will be screened by our judges.

Competition: Once you are selected to move on in the competition, all performances must be NO LONGER THAN 4 1/2 minutes in length.


Eligible participants must be a Canadian resident between the ages of 6-21 on or before July 12, 2020.

All senior competitors must be at least 13 years of age and not more than 21 years of age on or before July 12, 2020.

Junior performers must be at least 6 years of age and no older than 12 years of age on or before July 12, 2020.

Grand Prize Winner

The Grand Prize Winner(s) cannot compete in future Stampede Talent Search competitions after they have won, but may be invited to perform in future shows, parades, and various venues as a Grand Prize Winner of the Stampede Talent Search.

Numbers of members allowed per act

Group acts may not exceed 6 members and all members must be within the ages of 6-21.

Open auditions

The Open Auditions will be looking for acts and performers that are entertaining, promising and fulfill the general rules of judging which include: Technical Execution, Creativity, Stage Presence and Overall Impression.

Performance Act

Performers must audition with the act they intend to use in the competition. NO CHANGES after audition (with the exception of wardrobe) are permitted.

Professional services

The services of a professional band will be made available to any performer in their performance during Stampede. Full details will be outlined in the successful candidate’s acceptance letter.

Required information for invited contestants

Entertainers invited to perform in the Stampede Talent Search must attend a contestants meeting and will have the opportunity to attend a special workshop that is designed to enhance their performance and improve their overall performance skills.

Use of backup vocals for vocal acts

Vocalists using a streaming audio, .mp3 or CD must not have any vocal backup whatsoever, including themselves.